How to Choose the Right Pet Pen

How to Choose the Right Pet Pen

For starters, pet handles can be used for many animals. Many people automatically assume that pens are for puppies and small dogs. Although they work very well in these situations, they are also very good for many large dogs, as well as for rabbits, guinea pigs and even some poultry and turtles. Pet handles generally consist of several flat panels that come together to form a multifaceted octagon or assemble into a square or rectangle. The sides are available in various heights, and the most common pet exercise pens are coated with gold zinc or black ornaments.

How to Choose the Right Pet Pen

Consider the height and jumping skills of your pet.

If your pet is unlikely to jump or challenge the sides of the wire, a handle for exercising with the lower sides is best. This is important if you want your children to play or interact with your pet on the sides. The opposite is also true if you want to keep young children away, even if you have a softer pet, higher sides may be the best option for you. Be sure to choose a good quality pet pen with no sharp edges or an external liner that can peel off.

If you use the pet exercise pen indoors, it is better to place something under the pen to protect the floor or carpet from unintentional accidents. For outdoor use, it is best that your pet exercise pen be equipped with grounding anchors to reduce the likelihood of your pet accidentally turning over or sliding under the exercise pen. Never leave your pet unattended for a long time or in direct sunlight or where predatory animals may be a problem.

Tip To preserve the stiffness of your pet’s pen and keep your pet and other people safe, buy an exercise pen with eight (8) 2-foot-wide panels. When you assemble the square, you can buy wire countertops made specifically for your pen. This option provides peace of mind and provides a much higher level of security for your pet!

Most pet exercise pens can be easily folded, but choose those that do not require assembly tools and fold evenly to make them easier to move. Your exercise pen is the perfect thing to take with you when you take your pet home with friends or family, which will make everyone happy and your pet is a welcome guest.


Providing your pet with enough time to play sports, play, walk outdoors, chat with family and friends, or even simply to reduce boredom, are the great benefits of buying a pet exercise pen. Anyone with young children and a pet should consider buying one. Pet exercise sticks allow pets to chat with their beloved parents and bring their pets’ one step closer to our daily lives!