Cleaning the carpet: the characteristics of textile floors and carpet scrubbers

 The systems for the maintenance cleaning  of carpets differ:

Dry systems  (completely dry or with the use of a small amount of detergent) for frequent periodic maintenance . They do not damp the fibers enabling a sudden transit of the ground and do not result in any destruction to the raw fibers or to the assistance.

Wet systems  with the use of cleaning solutions that cause a high degree of humidity. They are used for periodic and deep maintenance cleaning office cleaning.

Carpet supervision interventions have a short hourly outcome and the necessity for an operator with particular experience in the methods and use of different appliance, this infers that supervision interventions are huge and costly.

Comparisons between the operating yields of maintenance washing

Cleaning periods and expenses per square meter are to be evaluated purely meaningful because they are pretentious by:

the price of the cleaning product used and specific machines

the type and size of the rooms to be cleaned

of the time required for the move and the repositioning of the furnishings

of the required quality level

the type and quantity of dirt present

the professionalism of the operator.

Carpet cleaning systems

Supervision cleaning of the mat must be evaluated as a sequel of interventions that manage to protect the significance of the ground / commodity.

Maintenance interventions must be scheduled to guarantee cleaning quality standards within the limits of customer satisfaction with optimal economic performance.

Depending on the degree of dirt penetration, it is decided which system to use:

Superficial dirt

Daily cleaning removes dust and surface dirt that lurks between the fibers

Compacted dirt

The periodic supervision cleaning eliminates the compact ground dirt that glues between the cord.

Dirt penetrated on the support

The intense cleaning eliminates the dirt that has entered on the component which can cling to the cords.

Before carrying out any type of maintenance cleaning, it is necessary to remove the dirt and dust present on the fibers and in the bottom by suction to prevent it from reducing the  the effectiveness of the detergent solution.