Cargo Tracking Features

Tracking Features

Companies that are engaged in the delivery of goods strive to provide the most convenient conditions for cooperation for their customers. After all, this is the only way to get around the numerous competitors in this area. TheĀ Indah Cargo Jakarta company is interested in the fact that all goods are delivered to their destination and right on time. In addition, all goods transported by the company must be delivered safe and sound. To minimize risks and increase the level of customer confidence, the carrier company ensures constant control of the transport equipment and the transported cargo.

GPS Tracking

Quite often, GPS technologies are used to track cargo. To do this, companies usually install special trackers or beacons on vehicles. This device can receive coordinates from satellites, which are then transmitted to a working server.

The transport company dispatcher has access to this server. He monitors and supervises all movements of the working transport. In real-time, an employee of the company controls which route the transport with the cargo is moving. It is also possible to analyze the report for a specific period.

Tracking Features

The company’s customers are also given access to this service. A username and password are provided for this. Thus, the client himself can track the movement of his cargo.

Many modern GPS trackers are equipped with special shock and roll sensors. Therefore, when transporting fragile goods, damage can be avoided. Because they won’t go unnoticed. Some devices are additionally equipped with an ambient temperature control sensor. This is a useful feature when you need to transport perishable goods. But, of course, the GPS device will allow you to find the container if it was stolen.

The company work not only with private companies but also with government agencies because we are trusted. We guarantee that every detail during the transportation process will be carried out by existing regulations and rules, whether it is the transportation of petroleum products or modules of nuclear power plants. The specialists have all the necessary knowledge and resources to carry out the movement of your goods in the shortest terms on conditions convenient for you.