The shipping containers store products on-site in a safe and secure location

shipping containers

TheĀ SCF containers are becoming more popular as a low-cost, safe, and secure alternative to off-site storage facilities. Because of their geographical position, they are also more accessible.According to a press release issued, Tropical Containers, a Townsville-based firm, has been bought by SCF, Australia’s leading supplier of shipping container solutions, which was previously announced.

Since its inception in the North Queensland market more than 30 years ago, Ben and Lesley McMahon, who have been prominent members of the Townsville community for several years, have been in charge of the privately owned and operated company. The company’s loyal client base and solid supplier relationships have played a vital role in its growth over the years. As a result, the brand has established itself as a leading distributor of new and used shipping containers in Queensland.

SCF containers

In many cases, using a shipping container to keep existing furniture and valuables while the building is being done is beneficial during home renovations. However, only during the remodelling project, at the maximum, may the container be left on-site for an extended period.

A storage container enables you to retain work equipment on your current working site

It is possible to customise shipping containers with shelves and workbenches before transporting them to the project site rather than erecting a shed. As a result, it is also possible for anyone to save money to develop a permanent structure on your land. This is because the cost, construction time, and paperwork that may be necessary are all reduced. In addition, it is possible to use container workshops to not only create a workbench for your next project but they can also be used to store tools and other equipment.

A range of Goods containers is available to transport hazardous items such as chemicals, paints, and flammable liquids, among other things. Extra external vents, bunding to prevent spillage, and a safety drain valve are all included to make cleaning easy and convenient. In times of increased production or project activity, they are used to free up space in a workshop or warehouse, and they are also used to store chemicals on-site when the need arises.

Using refrigerated containers as on-site cool rooms have been observed on several occasions. Events and festivals and businesses where goods must be maintained at a certain temperature are popular locations to see these units operating.

Construction storage containers may be used to store a wide variety of things

It may take more time and effort to transport heavy equipment such as forklifts, bobcats, and scrapers between the main storage facility and a project site, making it more difficult to perform your responsibilities.

Beyond offering the space you want, building site shipping containers are built with safety features that ensure the safety of your tools, supplies, and equipment while they are being transported. Ground-level storage containers provide our customers with solutions that are focused on safety while they are at work.