Tonic Water To Complete Your Drinking Experience

Australian tonic water

Who says the carbonated drink is not bitter? The ingredient of the tonic drink is called quinine. It is used as a special mixer with gin or any other liquor. It is originally used as digestion and stimulant of appetite.

Benefits of tonic water

Australian tonic water is a carbonated drink that contains sugar and nutritional value. The drink has quinine present providing a unique bitter flavor. With quinine in tonics, it has a primary health benefit. Malaria is known as a disease that can be treated by quinine. But, it is not used to prevent malaria.

Instead, tonic water kills the organism that causes the disease. Tonic water has a small dose of tonic water that makes it completely safe to consume. Otherwise, the nutritional benefits and health of tonic water are slim. But, this drink must only be enjoyed in moderation.

If tonics and gin are your drink of choice, you must go for it. When you want to make a healthier swap, it is recommended to switch out the tonic for soda water with carbonated fizz – with no added sugar quinine or content.

Tonic water versus soda water

Starting college is overwhelming for a lot of reasons. But, grocery shopping and taking the cake is the intimidating part of the week. Shopping for some other products can be easy because of the varieties available.

But, in water, believe it or not – it is complicated. For the water amateurs, there are various kinds of water. These two types of water are:

  • Tonic
  • Soda

To ease the confusion between tonic water and soda water, you must know the difference.

  • Soda water. It is carbonated water, pressured carbon dioxide will be dissolved.
  • Tonic water. It is a carbonated soft drink with quinine dissolved in it. Quinine is a bitter alkaloid used to enhance flavor. Quinine added to the tonic water creates a distinct bitter taste that is a perfect pair with gin. Therefore, a vibrant duo was born.

So, what is the difference? Tonic water is bitter and it is known for its unique taste. Soda water uses pressurized carbon dioxide gas. Never compare tonic water to bubbly, both are different. In addition to the unique taste, calories are contained in tonic water.

But, the added sugar starts to add up when finding yourself on your tonic and second or third gin. You have to be wary. Since tonic water has calories, soda water increases the hunger hormone known as ghrelin. When the ghrelin levels increase, a person who feels hungrier munches on more food. It leads to weight gain.

But, whatever it is, tonic water is always a choice of many drinkers out there. It can’t make a person drunk, so don’t worry about consuming it.