Be familiar with what a concrete pipe is

Be familiar with what a concrete pipe is

Concrete pipes are manufactured from concrete. They offer advantages including highly durable, easy installation, sustainable, superior corrosion resistance, and custom-designed fittings. Also, with concrete pipe you can ensure low maintenance costs and strength. These are some of the great benefits of having concrete pipes and they have become a well-known choice for Sanitary sewers, Culverts, and Storm Sewers. Also, in Underground Detention and Retention Systems, sometimes in water pipelines.

Concrete pipe is a firm pipe having high longevity and good strength. They are appropriate for different loading conditions and are being used for a longer time mainly in the wastewater and water industries.


concrete pipe

Concrete pipe has a long record of superb performance as a long-lasting product for sewer applications and stormwater drainage across the world. Concrete pipes have been produced for more than 100 years. Nowadays, modern technology is making concrete pipes more dependable than it has ever been before. Decades of research and improvement of different aspects of the concrete pipe have led concrete pipe producers to apply concrete mixes and pipe design. To give products that are resistant to a whole range of underground environments.

Check the different types of Concrete Pipes

  • Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP)
  • Reinforced Concrete Cylinder Pipe
  • Reinforced Concrete Non-Cylinder Pipe
  • Pretensioned Concrete Cylinder Pipe

Reasons why choose Concrete Pipe:

Conduit and Structure

  • A concrete pipe is a rigid pipe that gives both conduit and structure once it arrives on site. Concrete pipe unlike flexible alternatives has little dependence on the neighboring soil for its structural performance.


  • Concrete pipe’s lengthening performance is proven, not theoretical. Innovation has transformed concrete pipes into more dependable than ever. This development comprises pipe design, concrete mixes, and manufacturing processes.


  • Concrete Pipes will not deflect, burn, corrode prematurely, or lessen hydraulic performance. Or collapse under loads created into the pipe structure.


  • Concrete Pipe is known to be durable and resilient.


  • Precast concrete pipe is the most powerful drainage pipe available and is produced to meet AASHTO and ASTM standards. Reinforced concrete pipe is particularly designed to use the best features of both reinforcement and concrete. The reinforcement is designed for the tensile force and concrete is for the compressive force.

Ease and Value of installation

  • Concrete’s strength eases successful installation. This reduces the liability on the engineer, owner, and contractor. When the appropriate installation is inspected and specified, the concrete pipe has the lowest installed cost compared to other products.


  • Flexible pipe products may have reduced the initial costs, yet they are not cost-effective, unlike concrete pipe. Concrete pipe is known to be the most potent drainage product available in the market. It has great current, the most hydraulically efficient, and future value as an infrastructure asset.