Light is essential to human life: Why do we need it?

Light is so important that we often take it for granted.Everything we see is lit up by it.The purpose of today’s session is to provide a better understanding of why light is important to us, and how it can be utilized by shopping at Lighting First, cities, and public spaces to create innovative, engaging experiences.

An overview of natural lighting

Among the joys of nature are the first rays of the sunrise, the midday sun beating down, the beautiful spectacle of sunsets, bonfires around which we gather when night falls, the twinkling of stars, the benevolent moon, and the bio-luminescent rays of creatures in the sea and fireflies.

Lighting that is created artificially

In addition, artificial light has grown in prevalence at Lighting First. Every time we turn on our mobile phone or our laptop, we are flooded with light. Offices, homes, shops, and malls are illuminated with LEDs. Digital advertising boards compete for our attention.Then, street lamps, storefronts, and car headlights light up the darkest night in cities, towns, and villages throughout the developed world when the sunsets.The following reasons might not have occurred to you why light is so important in our lives.

Evolution has made us dependent on light

We have evolved to not only love light but to rely on light. Our eyesight is limited in the dark, so we see best in the light. Our circadian rhythms are largely controlled by the sun. The planet Earth is a day/night planet and so our circadian rhythms are largely determined by the sun.Having access to light on a regular basis keeps us healthy, and light is used in a number of therapeutic applicationslight gives us warmth, provides cooking ingredients, allows us to see, and keeps out darkness since time began.

Our moods are influenced by light

Our access to natural light changes as the seasonchanges, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere.SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is a condition that causes depression due to too little light.When people are receiving enough light even artificial light, they can keep depressing moods at bay. Most people prefer to feel buoyant, not depressed.

Modern life is made possible by light

We were limited in our productivity by the amount of daylight before artificial light was introduced.As fire and gaslight helped extend our days, now electricity illuminates our world at a faster pace and allows us to stay awake longer, come up with new ideas, be innovative, and change it at an unbelievable rate.