A guide to buying a motorcycle helmet

A guide to buying a motorcycle helmet

Buying motorcycle helmets is more complex than it may sound. There are a lot of makes and models, and choices available to pick from. Also, on top of that, there are broad variations in prices. There are many factors to consider personally, all of which are vital parts of the decision process. These factors are necessary whether you’re an experienced or a new motorcycle rider. It’s also alluring to put color, style, and price ahead of those safety features when purchasing a motorcycle helmet. Yet, the reality is you have to measure the performance and standards of the helmet. Your comfort, safety, and protection are the key.

The helmet is the main thing and a vital piece of motorcycle gear to buy when you’re planning on riding a motorcycle. A helmet can do more aside from protecting your head, it also gives you comfort. It will shield you from rain, road debris, wind, cold temps, and noise pollution. It will aid you to avoid fatigue and hearing loss on longer rides, all this to make sure focus on the road.

Things you should consider when purchasing a motorcycle helmet 

Comfort and fit

  • The temptation to buy the best-looking and most affordable helmet, especially if it’s your first time can be immersed. Yet, it’s necessary to take your time and get familiar with a helmet before buying it. Helmets have three various head shape configurations such as the long oval, round oval, and intermediate oval. This is based on the shape of the crown of your head and will determine whether particular types of helmets match you or not.


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  • When choosing your first helmet, you prefer something that provides you comfort and safety. It is ideal to invest in a mid-tier helmet from a trusted and reputable helmet manufacturer. Contrary to well-known belief, the most high-priced helmets aren’t the safest helmets. Moving up to the price range gives you added comfort and fancy features.

Type and features

  • Apart from comfort and safety, it is also necessary to take into consideration what features the helmet provides to its users. For beginners, it is recommended to have a helmet that comes with good ventilation. There are a lot of helmet types out there from open-face to full-face, to adventure, to modular. Having the correct helmet for the right type of ride not only makes safer everything, yet it makes the ride more fun and enjoyable.


  • Apart from being an important piece of safety equipment, your helmet is mainly your face while you’re on the road. It’s ideal to choose one that suits your character. Fortunately, helmet manufacturers offer different options when it comes to graphics and colors.

If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle helmet, consider simply the things above.