Face Shapes and Earrings

Face Shapes and Earrings

When you dress to make a statement, you have to keep in mind that you should dress to make yourself look fantastic. It feels great to get compliments like how superb you look, and not just how fabulous your dress or earrings are. This is why you must choose items or accessories that will bring out your best features. One of these is a pair of Statement Earrings that suits your face shape and features.

How to know your face shape

There are 6 common face shapes. These are oval, diamond, heart, long, square, and round. Such shapes can be determined by the shape of your face and the measurements from the hairline to the chin. It’s simple to figure out your face shape. Just pull your hair back to make sure that your hairstyle won’t get in the way of your perspective. Try to figure out the rough ratio of your face length to that of its width. Do you have rounded features and which part of your face is thickest and thinnest?

The Rare Diamond

This face shape is the rarest and most captivating of all. To create a balance in your refined jawline and forehead, pick drop earrings that will accentuate your cheekbones and follow the contours of your face. Don’t wear earrings that have a wide top or sound the ear. This tends to overemphasize the width of your face.

Statement Earrings

The Versatile Oval

The oval is known as the most versatile and well-proportioned face shape. The typical measurement of the length of an oval shape is one and a half times its width. Oval faces often have smaller features, prominent cheekbones, a rounded hairline, and a wide chin. The best part of having this shape is that you can wear any pair of regular or statement earrings. Just pick a pair according to your style, outfit, and mood.

The Heart Face to Fall In Love With

It is easy to fall in love with a heart-shaped face. The face shape is wider in the forehead and it gets narrower in the chin. It is characterized by a V-shaped jawline along with a rounded hairline. For this face shape, a pair of teardrop earrings will be most suitable. Because of its width at the bottom, the narrow part of your shape becomes balanced with the forehead. You have to avoid inverted triangle earrings since they overemphasize the shape of the chin.

The Striking Square

A face with s square shape is more dignified and strong. This is what a person with this face shape exudes even when he or she is petite. Earrings that are medium or long will provide some level of softness to a square face. Make sure you get a striking pair.