FPL Tools That Make The Game More Fun And Easier

FPL Tools

The beauty of FPL is that it’s a fantasy game. In this case, a fantasy game means that many variables are involved, which can take some of the fun out of playing? This article will help you in all aspects as these ten FPL tools will each give a different aspect to making your FPL journey more fun and straightforward.

Plan [for future weeks]

Planning has many benefits. Planning your transfer’s days/weeks before match day helps you plan who to play and when to play them. It also helps you prepare for those who may be rested, fit, and healthy in the coming fixtures.

My-team optimizer

The “my-team” optimizer on the fantasy football hub has added a small button on the bottom right that says ‘export team.’ This button was once used to export teams only after the deadline, but it now allows you to export your team at any time and share it.

FPL Tools


Opta is a brilliant FPL Toolsfor finding facts and stats about present, past, and future fixtures. It is an excellent tool for evaluating certain players (see the section below). You can also find stats on different aspects of the game, such as passing accuracy under pressure and many other real-time or historical stats.

Transfer trends [myfpl]

Football Stew is a website that produces an array of statistics for us to consume, and one of these statistics is the ‘transfer trends,’ which shows us the most transferred players at different points before the deadline.

Transfer watch [myfpl]

This website is a little bit similar to transfer trends, but as the name might suggest, it shows transfers roughly 1 minute before the deadline, so it could be around 2 minutes before your deadline if you’re fast enough. There are many different stats that you can check on these pages, including who has been transferred in and who has been transferred out.

Player values [OTBC]

One of the most challenging things to do in FPL is to identify which players will be valuable come to the end of the season. This is where OTBC’s player value tool comes into its own. You can use this tool to see which players are on form and playing well and which are in a run of poor form or have had a knock in recent weeks.


Some of the tools will appeal to some and not others, but each tool in this article can have a different impact on your gameplay. [Expect some essential advice, outside what is described here, regarding budgets and such, in later articles] I’m not an expert, so that I may have missed or forgotten about something, but what I know for sure is that these tools are the top 10 FPL Tools That Will make the game more fun for you.