Best Practices For Using Self Destruct Text Messages In Various Contexts

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Self-destruct text messages are the latest trend in communications that promises to resolve the privacy issues inherent in the regular texting system. Self destructing text messages “delete” automatically after a certain period of time, preventing message threads from being accessed by anyone who isn’t currently using them.

Here are some of the best practices for using self destruct text messages in various contexts:

In the workplace

self destruct text message in the workplace can help add more confidentiality to your conversations. By giving your employees the capability to communicate securely, you can improve the relations among team members, increase their productivity and prevent “backstabbing”.

Self destruct text messages at work will remind people that they are not anonymous and ensure that they don’t send any sensitive information over regular texting. The text messages automatically delete after a certain period of time to prevent their content from being archived over time.

On the dating scene

Text message self destruct time can help you keep your dating life private and avoid the risk of sending sensitive information to your potential lovers. By allowing you to send self destructing text messages in your date’s preferred format, such as SMS or MMS, you can ensure that your text messages are securely deleted after a certain period of time so they cannot be accessed by others in future.

For teenagers

Text message self destruct time can help your teenage children stay safe on the web. It will be a good step towards preventing them from posting anything that could be emailed to their friends or put onto social media sites without the consent of their parents.

In addition, it will help you keep track of each and every thing that your child is doing online and stay in touch with him or her all the time when he/she is using a computer, smartphone and social networking sites.