Blown Glass Art

blown glass art at Carlyn Galerie At the Carlyn Galerie, we feature beautifully crafted American glass art, pottery, jewelry, wearable art, and more. One of the most popular glass artistry styles available at the Galerie is our blown glass art. Blown glass takes a steady hand and a firm skill and understanding of the craft. Learn more about blown glass art at the Carlyn Galerie below.

History of Blown Glass Art

Glass dates back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Early craftsmen discovered that if you combined sand with heat, the creation would hold its shape and color after it cooled. They would coat clay molds in their sand mixtures and fire it, creating a thin glaze-like material that was much less porous than traditional clay containers. Many ancient cultures continued to create and experiment with glass; however, due to the expense, only the wealthiest of people had the luxury of glass items like windows. Glass-making was also a closely guarded secret, thus further increasing the expense and rarity.

Glass blowing became a better-known skill in the Middle Ages as the formerly close-guarded glass making secrets made their way to the public. Bohemian and Venetian glassblowers fine tuned their skills, though most of their work was still for more practical purposes than as decorative glass art. However, as more and more artisans and craftsmen developed skills in glassblowing, the artistry involved in the craft became more and more apparent.

Today, glassblowing continues to be a preferred method for creating bottles and other containers, as well as creating blown glass art.

How It’s Made

Blown glass art is a beautiful process to watch from start to finish. The glass artist will gather a layer of molten glass on the end of a blowpipe and rolls it against a steel table to create a cylindrical shape. The glass will be continually heated in a furnace called the Glory Hole to ensure that the material stays malleable. Colors and designs are then added to the glass. When the desired look is created, the glass artist will begin to blow the glass, creating the desired shape and size. Then an opening is created at the top of the piece, then transferred to an Annealing oven to cool down without cracking or breaking. Blown glass art is a delicate and time-consuming process that results in a truly unique creation every time.

Blown Glass Art at Carlyn Galerie

At Carlyn Galerie, we feature blown glass art by some of the most talented artists in the country. Stop by our glass art gallery in Dallas to see what we have to offer, or check out our selection in our Online Shop. If you’re looking for something in particular, we also accept commission requests! Contact us at Carlyn Galerie for more information.