What is Fused Glass Art

Fused Glass Art: Carlyn Galerie explains this fast-growing technique

Fused glass art is one of the fast growing art forms in the United States, despite being around longer than many of its modern art technique counterpart. Evidence exists that fused glass techniques have been around since 2000 BC, starting in Egypt, although many scholars argue that the Romans were actually the ones who first started fusing glass. Despite being around for thousands of years, and even seeing a revival of sorts during the Renaissance, it went largely unnoticed until the early 20th century. So what exactly is Fused glass art? Let Carlyn Galerie explain.

What is Fused Glass Art?

To understand what fused glass art is, you first have to know what fused glass is. Fused glass is glass that has been heat-processed in a kiln at temperatures ranging from nearly 600 degrees celsius to over 800 degrees celsius. With this glass, artists create three types of glass art, including slumped, cast, and the art’s namesake, fused.

These three categories are made distinctive by several different factors, including heat and technique, with fused glass art being noted as hitting the kiln at the highest temperatures. The other factor that makes fused glass art distinctive is that it includes placing two separate pieces of glass into the kiln and “fusing” them together.

Products Created with Fused Glass

One of the unique aspects to fused glass art is the amount of products that are made using this technique. Some of the more popular products are wall art, sculpture and vases. These products require meticulous attention to detail and skill to create. Specifically with wall art, in which the artist must more or less paint with fused glass, which is a tremendously difficult task.

Some other products include cups, bowls, animals and mirrors

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