Give the Gift of Glass Art This St. Patrick’s Day

close-up of green glass art as St. Patrick's day gift

Glass Art Gifts for St. Patrick’s Day

Carlyn Galerie always has the right gifts, wearable art, glass art, jewelry, and more for any holiday occasion. As the start of a new year approaches, so do thoughts of a warmer season: spring. While St. Patrick’s day falls a few days shy of the official beginning of spring, the bright greens and shamrocks make it hard not to get excited.

So whether you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with some festive glass art, or you just want celebrate the coming of a greener season, check out these great gift ideas from Carlyn Galerie.

Wearable Art and Jewelry

Wearable art and jewelry are great at any time of year, and items like earrings or necklaces are a great way to show someone you care. Maybe they’ve been feeling glum through the winter and you want to give them something to make them smile. Or maybe it’s time to start a new St. Patrick’s Day tradition.

These wearable art earrings by artist Arden Bardol are totally unique. Each pair will look a little different because they are all handmade! Also available from Arden is this wonderfully eclectic “Twigs in Green Mix” necklace, which showcases her talent for hand-shaped polymer clay.

Glass Art

Maybe the person you’re buying for already has all the jewelry they could ever need. Consider checking out the wide range of glass art available from Carlyn Galerie. Glass art is a wonderful gift idea because you don’t have to worry about selecting the right size or matching someone’s fashion style. For this St. Patrick’s Day, consider something festive but low-hassle, and get your friend or loved one some glass art.

This glass art panel from the Aspen Light Glass Studio comes in a vibrant green which not only matches the color of the holiday but also will get you thinking about the soon-to-come burst of vibrant greens as spring approaches. Or, if you’re looking for something a little simpler, check out these green, heart-shaped pieces from artist Dehanna Jones. They are heavy enough to function as a bright and cheerful paperweight, or they will work as simple table or desk decorations.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Carlyn Galerie

If you’re looking for the right time to show someone you care, St. Patrick’s Day is both a fun and festive time for you to do it. People will be out clinking pints of green beer, some will be digging into plates of corned beef and cabbage, and others may enjoy a holiday parade. Help someone cheer away their winter woes and give them the gift of beautiful glass art this St. Patrick’s Day. Check out Carlyn Galerie’s full range of glass art, contemporary crafts, and more by visiting our online shop.


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