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Aerium – Teardrop


Filled with different varieties of low-maintenance tillandsia air plants, succulents, and moss, these hanging glass planters brighten up any room. Each one is unique and the flowers may vary.  Available in small (5.5″ tall) and medium (7.5″ tall).  **Care Card included**

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Aeriums, hanging air plant gardens, are similar to terrariums, but without the “terra.” They are low-maintenance contained indoor mini gardens, made up of tillandsia air plants and housed in either hanging ceramic planters or glass orbs filled with moss, bark, pinecones, lichens, dried flowers and crystals. Each one is its own miniature world with a different collection of special elements and plants; a small and easy-to-care-for way to bring more green life into urban homes. The air plants themselves are grown originally in California but many of the other woodland elements are collected in local woods, parks, and special nature spots.


Small, Medium


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