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Aurora Threaded Embrace


The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, is one of nature’s most beautiful and mysterious phenomena. Bring the majesty of the Northern Lights into your home with the Threaded Aurora Embrace. Approx. Height: 11″ – 15″ Tall Available in other colors

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Scott Hartley’s studio and gallery is called Infinity Art Glass. Scott works out of Benton, Kansas making ornate and dynamic glass sculptures, paperweights, platters, and more. His first love was biology, but after teaching for years, the spark of art, passed down from his father, caught in Scott and he switched to glass art full time. Scott makes all of his own glass in his studio starting with mixing the most basic elements of sand and soda ash and melting them together to make glass. Because he makes and mixes all of his own glass, Scott has a connection to the art and style that are entirely unique.


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