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Bunny with a Carrot


Little Guys are happy, playful, sassy, and sometimes even a bit silly — perfect collectible buddies to perch on your computer or your windowsill. Little Guys will brighten your day! Handmade clay figures.  Approx. 1.5″.

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Cindi Pacileo grew up in the creative confusion of a large family in Dayton, Ohio. Her happy childhood was crowded with long woodsy walks in the company of croaking toads. After she graduated from art college, these early earthy friends began leaping out of her clay with a life of their own. Cindy hand shapes each sculpture from toasty brown or soft white stoneware clay. She adds the essential burst of personality as she carves each happy face and tilts the head just so. A delicate touch with the glazing brush completes each sculpture.


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