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Christmas Tree – Snowcapped


Each hand blown glass tree sculpture is designed to showcase the beauty of nature, only indoors. There are three sizes – Mini (approx. 4.5″ tall), Small (approx. 6.5″ tall) or Large (approx. 9″ tall).
Each tree is handmade and will differ slightly from picture.
If you would like us to send you pictures of the trees we have in stock, please call us at 214.368.2828

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Anchor Bend Glassworks is an unprecedented glass art collaborative comprised of childhood friends Michael Richardson, Justin Tarducci, and Timothy Underwood. We all met while exploring our shared enthusiasm for art, glass, and creation. The talents from all three glass blowing artists encourage and compliment the energy and originality that permeates every piece of glass that we create, such as a blown glass sculpture or ornament. Since its establishment in 2003, Anchor Bend has played a prominent role in the Newport arts scene and we pride ourselves on giving back to the community.

Anchor Bend is constantly striving to honor and expand the glass blower’s art. Our innovation is fueled through experimentation and creation. Put simply, we love what we do and do what we love! Anchor Bend is proud to share our labor of love with you. Thank you for your support and great taste in hand blown glass art.


Mini, Small, Large


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