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Fluted Ruffle Vase with Foot


Rings of black lines accent this fluted bowl of golds and pinks. It is hand-shaped so no two are exactly alike.
The vase measures approx 10″ H x 13.5″ wide at the top.

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An established glass artist with a presence in museum collections around the world, Curtiss Brock founded CB Glass as a vehicle for developing limited edition blown glass pieces that focus on function and originality of design. He challenges himself as a craftsman and a designer to create accessible work. “I don’t want people to have to take a second mortgage on their home just because they fall in love with a piece of glass,” he jokes.
Brock’s ideas come to life as a result of day-to-day practice and calloused hands. He is persistently interested in the way light and glass interact. Many of his pieces change colors or cast beautiful shadows in the presence of strong light.


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