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Ornament – Christmas Animals


Cute little kitties and pooches bring a smile to anyone’s face! Cats available in black,grey or orange; dogs in blue, purple or black. Kitty wears a Santa hat, doggies have scarves, and both have a sprinkling of snow! Each sold separately 2.5″

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Dean Derby works with sheet glass – the glass used in stained glass art. All glass is hand cut and arranged on top of a special clear glass that has been processed to have a faceted upper surface and an iridescent bottom coating that flashes hues of green and turquoise and pink and purple. Dean fires the hand-built work in electric kilns in a process known as ‘Tack Fusing’. That is: they’re heated enough to liquify the outer surfaces, which smooths the sharp edges and bonds all the parts into one piece while keeping all of the individual heights and textures. This gives each piece a lot of hand and eye attraction. The cool smoothness of glass in many colors (and styles!) with all the textures still in place to catch extra light and highlights. Each piece is hand-finished and accented with brass, copper, glass beads, and glass millefiori. Dean is committed to being as American Made as possible, which is why 98% of his materials are American made materials. The glass is made in Washington and Oregon and ships from Iowa. The metals are manufactured in Massachusetts and all the work is done in North Carolina.

Kitties or Doggies

Black Kitty, Grey Kitty, Orange Kitty, Blue Doggie, Purple Doggie, Black Doggie


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