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Paperweight – Planet 9


According to researchers there is evidence of a massive ninth planet in our solar system. It may be similar in size to Neptune likely with a thick atmosphere of hydrogen and helium and a highly elliptical orbit. Glass Eye Studio artists have depicted the mysterious “Black Planet” as it has been described with an ominous presence. Includes a decorative blue velvet box and story-card. 3” diameter

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Glass Eye Studio® was founded in 1978 with the mission to provide young glass artists the opportunity to make a living while they develop their artistic voice. Today’s GES has re-focused on the founding mission by adding multiple aspiring artists to the staff who work in conjunction with the core team of talented glass blowers who made the company strong. GES artist’s are passionate about glassblowing and teaching others the techniques and nuances of being a glass artist—the future of their studio is exciting! Everything sold by Glass Eye Studio® is made by hand in Seattle.


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