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About the Artist:
I think I was destined to be a glassmaker. My father worked for Corning Glass and is also an excellent writer and painter. My mother is an artist too, and because of them I grew up with the idea that making objects and painting is very important.

I have always liked hard physical activity and one summer I got a chance to work for a glassblower. I really enjoyed it because it was creative but also physical, like a sport. Glassblowing is art, craft and sport all rolled into one. Even now, 20 years later, I still get a thrill out of making a really nice piece of glass.

At Thames Glass I design and make the prototypes, build the equipment, train the glassmakers, and supervise the production. When we make more difficult pieces I work on the glassblowing team as the gaffer (head glassmaker).

My goal for Thames Glass is to produce the highest possible quality glass and also make sure that the process is a source of pride and pleasure for everyone involved. I want our customers to enjoy our glass and know that it was made by someone, not pumped out by a machine. Years of time and practice have gone into everything we make and that dedication enables us to make beautiful, well-crafted glass that we hope you will enjoy.


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