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Standing Cats


Each cat is designed, named and numbered by Paul Palango. Each comes with a dichroic glass collar and charm. There are more than 20 cats in Palango’s regular repertoire. These include tuxedo cats in black and white or with black face. Orange, brown and grey tabbies. Brown and grey siamese. Black and tan calico as well as black and red calico. All white, all black and all grey. Available in two sizes – Small: 8″ w x 10.75″ h x 7″ d  and Large: approx. 13 w x 13 h x 6 ” d

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The birth of Kiln Art can be traced to a magical moment in 1999 when Sharon, an accomplished traditional stained-glass artist, invited her then friend, Paul, to make a fused glass plate at her studio. Paul, an author and former journalist, now Sharon’s husband, took a novel approach that opened up her imagination and set the both of them on a new trajectory in art and life. Paul’s approach was to use crushed stained glass or frit, as it is known, as if it were paint. It was like painting with coloured sand. Sharon immediately saw the potential in the technique and together they began experimenting and exploring the seemingly endless possibilities. It took a few years to work out the kinks, but Sharon and Paul grew to become masters of perspective, imagination, creativity and design.


Tuxedo, Calico, Siamese, Tabby, Black, White, Grey


Small, Large


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