What is Slumped Glass Art?

Slumped Glass Art: Carlyn Galerie Explains this Technique

Slumped glass art heart bowlFused glass is one of the fastest growing art techniques in the United States and with it come several different categories of art. One such category is slumped glass art, or what some call the “slumping” technique. This is a technique that was brought about and perfected by the ancient Romans, paired side-by-side with the newly developed fused glass technique. What exactly is slumped glass art? Carlyn Galerie is here to explain it to you.

What is slumped glass art?

As explained in the previous section, slumped glass art is more or less a subset of what we called “fused glass,” acting as one of three categories of glass fusion. Slumping specifically is a technique where a piece of glass is placed in a mold and fired in a kiln until it gets hot enough and finally begins to droop down and take the shape of its mold, or slump, as the name would suggest.

This technique is heavily dependent on the mold that is being used, with some molds being as simple as a beam or a more complex shape. This obviously depends on the desires of the artist and what he or she is attempting to create. One benefit to this technique is that it is less dependent on manual design than the fused glass technique because the glass is simply taking the form of a pre-determined mold. As a result of this, we see a wide range of products that come from this technique.

Products Created with Slumped Glass?

While we don’t see the same intricate detail in slumped glass art as we do in fused glass art, we do still see a diversified body of work. Bowls and plates are big sellers of this technique, both for practical use and decorative use. Wall art is also made using this technique, although it isn’t as prevalent as it is with fused glass art.

Slumped Glass Art at Carlyn Galerie

Slumped glass art is one of the most represented art techniques in our art shop, which include Kimono Bowls, platters and plates. These exquisite works, handcrafted by our many glasswork artists, come in an array of different shapes, sizes and colors at a reasonable price.

Our goal at Carlyn Galerie is to help you furnish your home with pristine art at a price that will be too costly to you. Contact us today for more information or visit our website to begin your slumped glass art journey today.