Is Connor Murphy an athletic prodigy?


Bodybuilding is famous all over the world. As a result, more well-known bodybuilders have emerged. Even though those unfamiliar with the subject only see a mountain of muscles, they are not equal. We can divide them into bodybuilders who primarily utilized steroids and those who achieved their figure naturally through exercise and a healthy diet. It is simple to ascertain which group a person belongs to. We’ll look at one of them, Connor Murphy, to demonstrate how to do it and define a bodybuilder’s naturalness.

How to Build Muscle

The first “symptom” that a person who uses steroids to become a muscular bodybuilder is that they suddenly become taller. connor murphy, was he in the same boat? Let’s examine everything he has done to get to this point.

He started competing in bodybuilding when he was seventeen years old. He was a large young man, weighing nearly 84 kilograms. It’s important to note that his muscles were well-defined, especially his arms. It gained another 9 kilos in the fourth year because it maintained its current level for the subsequent three years.



The body condition of a bodybuilder on steroids can be identified. Most of the time, the skin is red and so thin that it clearly shows swollen veins. Additionally, the shoulders and arms resemble boulders.

In Connor’s case, none of the preceding instances occurred. In addition, the (uneven) proportions suggest naturalness. Examine the shoulders. If he were on steroids, they would look like giant boulders. The remaining muscles appear delicate and to have just the right amount of water; they are neither excessively “dry” nor excessively swollen.

Steroids aren’t used by me!

In the following point, it is essential to consider Connor’s perspective on the entire case. He bravely fought back despite being accused of using steroids multiple times. Besides, he did so freely by delivering brief recordings denying this reality.